Claire Britton

As Head of the Commercial Management Department, I work closely with my dedicated team, providing them with the support, guidance, training, and assistance they need to excel. I also sell and lease commercial properties.

One of the ways I contribute to the success of our team and customers is by staying updated on legislative changes and industry trends. By keeping my finger on the pulse, I ensure that our property managers are equipped to deliver the "world's best" service to our valued clients, both tenants and property owners.

Among the Lin Andrews values, the one I relate to the most is "Decision making with bias toward the longer term." While it's tempting to focus on short-term gains, I understand that property management is a long-term investment. I prioritise making informed and educated decisions that consider the best interests of our clients not just in the present but also in the foreseeable future. This approach helps guide our clients to achieve their desired outcomes for their investments.

One of my favorite aspects of my job is the incredible team I work with. The support they provide, especially when it comes to balancing my responsibilities as a professional and a parent, is truly invaluable.

On a personal note, I come from a real estate background, following in the footsteps of my father. Real estate has been a part of my life from a young age, and it's shaped my passion for the industry.

When I'm not working, I cherish spending quality time with my husband and two children, particularly outdoors. I also enjoy immersing myself in a good book.

Cert IV in Property Services

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