Karen Andrews

Real Estate is a part of my DNA and I was always destined to be in the Property Industry. In my teenage years my love for people flourished. This was through the mentorship of my father Lin, of which I am eternally grateful.

Today I have the privilege of leading, and developing people, which in my opinion, is one of the greatest positions one could find themselves in. Life to me is all about People and a continual, looping learning process, while always striving for ‘World’s Best Practice’.

I am proud of our generational family business, our great team of staff and clients, who make coming to work every day so enjoyable.

When asked which of our company values means the most to me … they are all paramount, however, ‘Integrity’ ranks No. 1 above all else … It covers all aspects of our life, and I believe is the foundation of living a successful one.

In my time off, I enjoy spending time outside gardening, growing vegetables and fruit trees, with the company of my little Moodle, Lexie. I frequently head out of town into the country and spend time at our River House to refresh and be reminded of life’s blessings.

“First seek to understand, then be understood”
- Stephen Covey

Graduate Diploma in Business Management
Diploma of Business (Real Estate Management)

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